TwentySeven Things: November 2013


It’s time for TwentySeven Things for November 2013. I have to say, it’s been a pretty solid month. This evening, I’m off on a jet plane back to the homeland for the holiday. I can’t wait to go home, cuddle my cat, play Scrabble with my family and make fun of the dog show with my little brother on Thanksgiving morning.

twenty seven

  1. I had the best Halloween party with my roommate. We ate pizza, drank apricot margaritas and watched Harry Potter.
  2. Daylight Savings Time ended. I am not happy about the fact that it’s pitch black when I leave work at 5pm.
  3. I have fallen deeply in love with Lorde’s album Pure Heroine. I highly suggest checking it out if you haven’t already. Favorites are Ribs, Still Sane and A World Alone.
  4. I went and watched About Time with my roommate earlier this month. Richard Curtis is still a legend. And can still make me cry at the end of a 2 hour movie.
  5. This song has been my jam all month.
  6. I rioted my life away at Wine Riot.
  7. Oprah put out her Favorite Things List. I now have a new favorite list of favorite things because I do whatever Oprah tells me to.
  8. If you were living under a rock, Bat Kid saved San Francisco from danger a few weeks ago. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more moved by a scene at AT&T park. Seeing Bat Kid walk around the Giants Stadium makes me very proud to be a Giants fan.
  9. I learned how to play I Want It That Way on the guitar. Talk about a party trick.
  10. Little Mix came out with a new album I’ve been jamming to. Favorites on that one are Move, Salute, Towers and Boy.
  11. For all you non coffee lovers, I found out you can make the most delicious drink in the world at Starbucks. Get a chai latte and ask them to put 2 pumps of peppermint in it. BAM DELICIOUSNESS.
  12. I spent hours upon hours on the couch a few weekends ago. Some of that time was spent re-watching The Inbetweeners movie. Such a classic.
  13. I went to The Getty and had some very productive Sarah time.
  14. Lily Allen has come back into the world and graced us with one of the best songs of the year. And my new catch phrase – “it’s hard out here for a bitch.”
  15. I had a string of days this month where I ate mac & cheese for dinner. Then the next night I ate ice cream for dinner. Grown adult.
  16. The one day out of the month I had to dress semi-nice for work, I decided to do my laundry the night before to have options because that is the responsible thing to do. My plan slightly backfired on me. The next morning I went to put on my black pants, discovered they hadn’t dried all the way, and proceeded to finish drying them with a blow dryer. Innovation, I tell you.
  17. I burned myself quite badly trying out a new way to curl my hair. On the upside, my hair looked damn good.
  18. I also cut a solid 4 inches off of my hair this month impulsively.
  19. I also dyed my hair this past weekend impulsively. (I think I see a pattern.)
  20. I finished the current season of Downton Abbey. You know, the one that hasn’t even aired in the US yet. Don’t ask me how I did it, I admit to nothing.
  21. One Direction’s new album came out. It’s wonderful pop music at it’s finest. I love it, I love them, go buy it.
  22. Colbie Caillat is back with a new single. I listened to Hold On and only Hold On for three days straight. You think I’m kidding but I’m not. Obsessed is not a strong enough word.
  23. I wrote an entire post about how hard it is to put on tights.
  24. I saw Hunger Games at the Thursday, 8pm grandma showing. It was SO GOOD. I was crying 15 minutes into the movie and screaming by the end of it.
  25. Last night I saw Justin Timberlake at the Staples Center. He sang for 3 HOURS. THREE ENTIRE HOURS. He was incredible – a true legend.
  26. My roommate and I put up our Christmas tree! But we can’t find the string of lights to go on it. We’re working on it.
  27. I found out Teddy Geiger wrote a One Direction song (Little Black Dress for those of you curious.) My reaction was to scream for a few seconds, then have my heart burst with love. Teddy Geiger was MY MAN when I was younger. If you don’t remember him by name, play this song and within the first few seconds you’ll be transported back to 2006.

Here are some pretty Pinterest pictures from the past few days. Oh and here’s this, because it’s not a proper Wednesday without it.

Attract, create


Leopard pumps


Spotify: November 2013


Thursdayyyyyyyy. Happy Thursday everyone. Here is my Spotify “currently listening to” playlist for November. It was just last night that I discovered the new Colbie Caillat song and I’M OBSESSED WITH IT. The sound, the track, the lyrics, the melodies, just everything. I love it. Enjoy the rest of these songs on this rare rainy day in Los Angeles.

PS my two favorite holiday songs of all time squeaked into this playlist. Because it’s time for Christmas music and I don’t care what you say.

PPS I’ve also been listening to the new Little Mix album Salute a lot recently but it’s not released in America yet, hence no Spotify. My favorites on that album are Little Me, Towers and Boy. The harmonies in Boy could make Destiny’s Child jealous.

Overall Favorite Song of the Moment: Hold On – Colbie Caillat, Ribs – Lorde

Songs to dance to: Harlem – New Politics, Birthday – Katy Perry

Songs to cry to: Say Something – A Great Big World, Double Rainbow – Katy Perry