How Is It November


I know November technically started last Friday, but I didn’t even really notice because my mind was so consumed with TGIF. How is it November already? I feel like I was just making my shitty Green Day joke about September ending.

This weekend I used as a Sarah rehab weekend. I stayed in, was by myself for most of the time, and just did all of the little things that always seem to get pushed away or forgotten over the course of the week. I made SO MANY mugs to ship out for today including a few new holiday mugs that you can check out if you click on the Etsy picture below.

I also wrote a bit, did the dishes, cleaned the apartment and went to the flea market on Sunday since my body thought it would be hilarious to wake up at 7am on a Sunday. It was worth it though since I ended up finding the Styx record my dad has had me on the hunt for, for about a month. I also scored a Springsteen Live box set with 5 LPs. I listened to it last night and it’s what I imagine heaven will sound like when I try to convince Jesus to let me in through the pearly gates.