Just, Just Just…..GOT PAID


Today, my anthem is this gem of a song from the early 2000’s.

Just Got Paid


Last night, I went to Jimmy Kimmel’s outdoor concert series with my roommate. Sara Bareilles performed and I got to dance in the rain while she sang I Choose You, Brave, Hercules, Eden and King of Anything. After Brave, she took over the concert and said, “okay now it’s MY show. And since you’ve been standing in the rain I think you guys are kind of die hards so we’re going to play a few of the album cuts that don’t get a lot of attention” aka Hercules and Eden. I LOVE Eden so when she sang it, I sang back every single word. She’s so quirky and cute and awesome and I really love her. Plus she has my name so we’re destined to be Sarah squared.

Bareilles Brave

This weekend I’m catching up on errands and then going to a “ladies who lunch” brunch with my friends pre-Superbowl aka pre-Bruno Mars concert. Then I’ll be heading to a house party to watch the game Bruno Mars concert and bandwagon whichever team is favored to win. I have no shame in bandwagoning football.

Happy Friday!


Let’s Talk VMAs


In short summary this is what happened. Also shout out to MTV for always cutting to the one person who you want to see during a crucial moment.

  • Lady Gaga had a cereal box on her head for her opening number.
  • Taylor Swift dropped an F bomb and I love her for it.
  • Miley Cyrus embarrassed herself to a new level on national television.
  • Robin Thicke should be mortified for partaking in Miley’s national meltdown.
  • Justin Timberlake is the greatest human being on the planet.
  • Jimmy Fallon is the ultimate Timberlake fangirl.
  • During the NSYNC performance the camera pans to One Direction and you know all of them are thinking “I’m totally going to be the Justin.”
  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis gave an incredible performance with Mary Lambert and even brought out Jennifer Hudson.
  • Bruno Mars sang about having sex like gorillas and it was awesome.
  • Katy Perry gave a completely okay performance that I thought was going to be 7 levels of awesome but totally wasn’t.

I’m still in shock from NSYNC and will be watching this on a loop all day.


I don’t know if this is photoshopped in but check Ryan Gosling doing the Bye Bye Bye choreography. Lower left. I can’t stop laughing.


NSYNC Medley


My friend passed this along to me yesterday (hi Sally). I was going to save it for Wednesday as a hump day treat but I just can’t. It’s too good. It’s basically everything I’ve ever wanted in my entire life put into one video. Just kick back for 3 minutes and 57 seconds and enjoy the magic.

My inner 90s fangirl is still screaming for more.

PS I’m convinced the guy bottom left is actually Joey Fatone. Or at least his long lost cousin or something.