Buying A CD – Doin It For The Booklet


I think I’m one of the very few people left who still loves buying the physical CD  form of a new album. I can’t even say it’s for the CD if I’m being totally honest. It’s for the booklet. The stupid little booklet that comes on the left hand side when you open up the CD. I love looking at the album artwork and reading the credits and the thank you’s the artist wrote inside. To me, it’s getting a little bit more of an insight into what they tried to create with the project as a whole.

Yesterday, One Direction’s new album came out so obviously I bought that one – the deluxe version nonetheless. (Which by the way cost me an arm, a leg and part of my soul. Now I know how they make so much money.) I also bought the new Katy Perry CD finally, it’s so beautiful. It’s an actual prism on the front which reminds me of holographic Pokemon cards. I’ve already been listening to both albums for quite some time now through Spotify and leaks, but I love going out and buying the actual album if it’s something I really enjoy. They’ve got to make their money too so I don’t mind supporting them by buying their CD and little booklet.

Midnight Memories


Today I get to go see the one and only Justin Timberlake at Staples Center. I’m skipping yoga because I’m pretty sure I’m going to get an intense cardio workout just by dancing to his set. The moment he starts singing Senorita, I’m going to lose it.

JT Tour

Today, The Struggle Is Real…But It’s Okay.


I woke up this morning and could barely move my body. As in, walking is a struggle. Yesterday I went to yoga with one of my friends and the instructor decided that it would be a good day to “kick up” the workout. The aftermath is me not being able to move.

But I think I’ll survive. I have to persevere BECAUSE I have 2 shows to see this weekend. Today Little Mix is performing in the courtyard for an E! taping and I am so excited to see my favorite British girl group. Plus it’s free. Free is always good.

Little Mix will be a good warm up for the big show on Saturday which will undoubtably be one of the greatest nights of my life. Because…because….because….

I’m seeing One Direction at Staples Center.

I’m not even going to try to say how excited I am because it would end up looking like this KEOENOAOGNEOANOHELNEA OMG. Instead I’m going to say that I am so excited to fangirl over my favorite 5 British boys and dance like an idiot with flailing limbs and sing all the words to their ridiculously catchy pop songs. It’s going to be 3 hours of happiness and dancing and awesome. 


In conclusion, Happy Friday everyone. We survived another week. I’m gonna go do my favorite thing in the world this weekend and go see live music. You all should go try and get some sun this weekend, everyone needs UV rays. They just make you happier.


Let’s Talk About Boy Bands


Hey hey hey. It’s finally here and much overdue. I’m over at Love Twenty today talking about one of my favorite past times, boy bands. You can click the picture below to read my fangirl word vomit.

Warning, it gets pretty in depth (complete with a fact sheet). I’ve been waiting to write this post for a while now, did you not think I wasn’t going to go all in? Go big or go home (with Harry Styles).

boy bands