Artsy Weekend


Friday evening was spent with friends catching up on life. After spending the day at work and then being actively social, I used up all of my social skills for the weekend within just Friday. So all of Saturday and Sunday were spent pretty much being by myself minus a Saturday lunch with one of my good friends from college and a Sunday morning hike.

In my anti-social state, I became an artsy child and completed three different craft projects and two paintings. The craft projects were a chalkboard frame message board for my roommate and I, chalkboard mason jar tops for labeling and ink spot coasters. The ocean color scheme painting is a much overdue gift for a friend’s new apartment and the creativity painting is my new mantra for writing. I had found the quote on Pinterest and was going to print it out to hang somewhere, but I thought “why not paint it on the most ginormous canvas you own instead?” So I did.

I also FINALLY got my macaroons. They were the most delicious treat I could have ever imagined.

Chalkboard Frame


Hannah Painting

Creativity painting


Baseball, Bath Bombs and a Pep Talk


I can’t believe we’re halfway through September already. Technically, we have less than a week left of true summer. Hi autumn, it’s nice to meet you. Here’s my little weekend recap.

  • Friday I went to the Giants-Dodgers game in LA to watch my boys try to hold off the Dodgers from taking the NL West. They must have known I was there or something because they 100% turned it on and held onto the win. Many delicious ballpark foods were consumed.
  • Saturday I spent the day being a bum by watching TV and moseying around the apartment. One of my best friends came over to visit and watch me paint for a while and we ended up grabbing dinner and having a nice long talk about life.
  • Sunday I was even more of a bum if that’s possible. I watched 4 episodes of Breaking Bad and am now officially on Season 2. I also took a nice long walk to a juice bar to get my veggies in for the day since my diet had consisted of baked snap peas, cookie butter and hummus.

Going back to this whole life talk thing I had with my best friend, I had a sort of epiphany thrust upon me. I say “upon me” because she tough loved the shit out of me, which was probably for the best. She told me I need to stop being so scared of myself and of failing. I need to let all of my confidence issues go out the window and I need to just suck it up and stop being such a wuss.

She even went so far as to send me the Myers Briggs personality test. I’ve taken the test many times throughout high school and college and always get the same result. I am an INFP, which basically means I’m an introverted creative brained child who’s imagination runs at a very high speed at all times. But instead of voicing this imagination, the introverted part of me likes to keep it all inside. This also goes for criticism. When it comes to something that I made or I created (cough writing cough) I am very protective of it because I feel like it’s an extension of myself. So when someone gives me any criticism about it, my first instinct is to take it personally. Which is where the new “suck it up” mentality has to come into play. I need to get over it and realize it’s not a personal jab at me and my life it’s just a criticism at my writing which will constantly improve over time anyways.

So that’s going to be my new thing. Stop being a wuss, suck it up and take a moment to realize people aren’t taking a jab at me but really just trying to make me better.

Enough serious psychological analysis for the day, go ahead and look at a few of the pretty pictures from my weekend. If you’re still reading this, you deserve to look at something pretty, amiright?





Meeting People


On Sunday, I broke out my canvas and easel and painted for the first time in months. I usually don’t know what I want to paint, just that I need that creative outlet for a few hours. I found the quote about meeting people while endlessly scrolling through the Internet and stopped for a minute. Read it a second time. Stopped. Read it a third time. And finally wrote it down.

I believe in timing. I believe that things happen at a certain time, for a certain reason, with certain people who trigger other events in your life. This quote is a part of that equation. Meeting someone isn’t just an accident. Whether it’s just a stranger that you are passing by for a split second, or someone who you establish a relationship with, they are all important. That random stranger you pass on the street could be the one person you pass before then meeting someone else a few feet later who ends up being a huge part of your life. If it weren’t for that stranger, you wouldn’t have met that other person because they would have been a split second too early. Timing, it’s all timing.

Even the people who you now possibly hate were in your life for a reason. No matter your current feelings for them, they triggered some sort of event in your life that changed you. The event may be good or bad, but it triggered something that set off a chain of events that is still occurring right now.

On the days when I reflect on my decisions of the past few years of my life and I question some of my choices, I have to remind myself that without those choices I wouldn’t have the life I have right now. Even the smallest of decisions triggered another, bigger decision that led me to someone who is now a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

So maybe meeting someone is them setting off a chain of events in your life. Or, maybe it’s you setting off a chain of events in theirs.