Hump Day Pretty Pictures


I recently revamped my Pinterest a bit (still in the process) and have decided today I’m going to post some of my favorite Pretty Pictures to aid in getting me through this hump day. I have an entire board called Pretty Pictures and am starting a new board called Stories. Out of all my Pinterest boards, these are by far my favorites.

I pin photos that I can look at and see part of a story in – something to inspire me. I like looking and imagining what emotion was trying to be conveyed or captured in that very moment – what part of a story that person chose to solidify in a physical memory.

Enjoy the pretty-ness, I hope they inspire something wonderful.

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It’s Time For Mariah


Happy Friday to all! We’ve made it to the end of another hectic week. I’m back on my yoga schedule and forcing myself to eat clean again since I slightly fell off the wagon the past week and a half. It’s hard but I know it’s going to make my stomach feel much better in the next few days.

This weekend I’m going to yoga my life away, attempt to go for a run, maybe cook some things, go to a bookstore in Silverlake, read on the couch with tea and put up the Christmas tree in the apartment with my lovely roommate. Yes we’re putting up the tree, no we don’t care if it’s before Thanksgiving, yes we will be blasting Mariah shamelessly.

I’ve been writing quite a bit in the past week as well. Here are some pretty pictures from Pinterest that have me inspired this morning. (I’m also going to work on that whole mental-block-20-something-I-don’t-know-what’s-going-on thing.)

Christmas Mimosas





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Friday Link Love + Pretty Pictures


I am so happy it’s finally Friday. This weekend will be filled with yoga, writing, reading, being a grandma and picking pumpkins. Here are some fun links from the past week.¬†

Here are a few Pinterest pictures that inspired me this morning. Have a lovely Friday.

Candy Canes

Picnic Muffins