Ready The Wine And Fire The Cannons: The Job Search Has Officially Begun


Along with my post about avoiding myself, I again questioned whether or not I wanted to blog about this particular topic since it hits very close to the cavity that holds the organ that keeps me alive. But again I find myself saying that I should write about it because if one other struggling 20-something out there is feeling these feelings, then we should be able to feel them together. That’s a lot of feels. And a lot of wine.

Sound the alarms and ready the bottle opener, Sarah has officially started applying for jobs. Just yesterday I applied for 28 (yes TWENTY-EIGHT) jobs. I’m not going to tell you which ones because then you might apply and get the job instead of me. Sorry boys and girl but I don’t want that to happen. (Harsh but true, admit it.) Right now it’s poor kid vs. poor kid and I’ve got to be able to buy my Yogurtland, tacos and sangria.

But let me say this about applying for jobs, it really really REALLY sucks. I think I filled out the same information about 19 times because each company has their own portal. And in each portal you are forced to make an account and fill out the same information¬†every.single.time. Might I suggest to the companies of the world that everyone get off their high horse, sit in a kumbaya circle, chant some hymns and create one portal that everyone can use so the young people of this world don’t waste 7 hours of the day filling in their mothers phone number as an emergency contact person.

The other thing that drives me mad are the security questions. I don’t understand why they won’t let me create my own. If I forget my password or username how am I supposed to remember who my favorite character from a childhood book was or who my third grade teacher was in that time of crisis? Instead why not let me make my own question like “when did you have your first drink?” or “what is one movie you never turn off when it airs on TV?” or “what is the one word in the English language that makes you want to cut your ears off?” or “which celebrity will you always be madly in love with?” (Hugh Grant/John Mayer, it’s a toss up.) We are in 2013 now, I believe I have the right to create my own security questions.

Along with applying for big girl jobs, I have applied for a few part time jobs to try and earn some extra cash. As much as I wish for it every time I find a lucky penny or blow an eyelash off my finger, Wells Fargo has not magically paid off my credit card for me. It’s a damn shame.

But at the end of the day no matter what happens with a job, this quote from the late Steve Jobs still inspires me to do something more than just sit at a desk all day. It makes me want to go kick ass at something. Something I might not even know of yet, but something nonetheless.

Stay Hungry, Foolish