Love Letter: TiVo


Dearest TiVo,

I love you. I love you as much as I love my Brita, as much as I love coffee filters, and as much as I love Kleenex. All 3 things help me filter certain aspects of my life and TiVo, you help me filter my life as well. Here is a list of reasons why I love you TiVo.

1. You never make me choose one thing over another during the crucial primetime viewing hours on Tuesday-Thursday. Examples:

-New Girl vs Go On

-The Mindy Project vs Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23

-The Office vs Grey’s Anatomy

2. You let me to skip the terrible Sara McLachlan ASPCA commercials with ease

3. You let me can rewatch Modern Family anytime I want

4. You don’t judge me when I want to record, watch and then immediately erase embarrassing Disney/Nickelodeon shows which will not be named

5. You give me my space when I want it, but you’re always there on the cold lonely nights when I need you most.

I love you TiVo, don’t ever leave me.