TwentySevenThings: Etsy Style



It’s true! I’ve finally made an Etsy store. I have about a dozen mugs that I’ve listed on my little shop with lyrics and quotes about things I love and I hope other people do too.

The shop is appropriately titled TwentySevenThings (what else would it be at this point) and I’m hoping to add a few more mugs and possibly other things as time goes on. (If you wanted a custom mug I would be open to that too. But keep it semi-clean people. No one wants a mug that talks dirty to them.)

So take a look and please pass along the link! Give it to your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your nieces, nephews, estranged lovers, Ryan Seacrest, basically whoever will listen and won’t get mad at you. I really appreciate it. I would appreciate it even more if you bought one.

The money is going to a great cause called “Sarah Needs To Pay Off Her Student Loans Before She’s 37.” It’s a newly created charity that is in desperate need of large donations.

Happy shopping! To check out my little shop you can click the banner above or here.