Things I Learned In Big Bear


Here is a list of a few things I learned over the weekend when I took a trip up to the mountains of Southern California.

  • High altitude affects a lot of things. Including runny noses.
  • If you’re out of college but still broke, you still eat like you’re on a college budget.
  • People will make fun of you if you order herbal tea at Denny’s.
  • “Say My Name” is a very hard karaoke song.
  • On the contrary, “Shake Ya Tail Feather” is a giant crowd pleaser.
  • No one should EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES sing Evanescence as a karaoke song.
  • Scattergories is a very good game to play with friends. However if you choose to play while intoxicated, discussions over answers can and will get heated very quickly.
  • It is always good to dance like an idiot to oldies. Always.

I went to Big Bear with a group of people who, for the most part, all went to high school together. While none of these people went to my high school, it triggered a lot of different emotions for me that I haven’t deciphered in quite a while. I got to thinking about a lot of people I went to high school with. Old best friends, old friends, old acquaintances, old classmates, old sports team members, just a lot of people from the past in general. I started wondering where they are, what they might be up to, if they ever left home, if they still live with their parents, if they amounted to anything, if they fell right into what everyone thought they would fall into, do they care enough to try and make something of their lives?

The honest answer for most of that is…….I have no idea. I don’t know if I’ll ever find out either because I keep in touch with approximately three people from high school. Every once in a while someone will pop out of the woodwork but for the most part, my ties have been cut for one reason or another. People change, people grow up (hopefully) and priorities change.

I don’t like looking back on the past much, especially high school. I was a very different person four and a half years ago and I’d like to think I’ve grown quite a bit since then. I have a much stronger sense of who I was, who I am and who I want to be. I like to think of it as looking forward more so than completely letting go of the past, because in reality you can’t ever let go of the past. Whether you completely despise it or not, your past led you to this exact moment where you are today. Without all of those small moments piling on top of each other, you wouldn’t have this moment right now. The chain of reactions that has happened, happened because of choices and timing. Hopefully my choices have been decent. And someone out in the universe is looking out for me because my timing on things in the past five years has been pretty damn good. Thank you whoever you are, I appreciate it.

Big Bear


Weekend Wrap Up: Malibu, Despicable Me & Twinkle Lights


This weekend I vowed to do only what I wanted. I was going to be selfish, and I was going to enjoy it very much. The past few weekends I’ve been running around here, there, everywhere you could possibly think of. So this weekend, all I wanted to do was stay in LA, go to the beach and be outside. So I did.

Saturday I did the Malibu waterfall hike with a friend. Let me tell you, it kind of turned into a rock climbing excursion (at least in my eyes) because we had to SCALE ROCKS. Who knew that even existed in Malibu? But I made it out alive. Oh and the waterfall? Not much of a waterfall, at least at this time of year. It kind of looked like someone poured a water bottle out and let it trickle down the cliff. Cool stuff let me tell you. After hiking we went to brunch at Kristy’s and then laid out at Zuma for almost 3 hours. It was lovely.

Malibu Falls



Sunday, my roommate and I walked over to City Walk and watched Despicable Me 2. I’m not usually a huge animated movie fan but for some reason I think those minions are the cutest thing to ever be brought to life. Kudos to their designer because I just can’t get enough of them. I got to eat Red Vines and giggle along with the rest of the 5 year olds in the theater for a solid two hours. Also, this happened. The only thing I’m sorry about is that I couldn’t take my life size cutout of Harry Styles home with me.


I spent the rest of the day running errands and listening to vinyl. Then I suddenly had the urge to make a change in the apartment. My roommate and I had previously talked about putting twinkle lights up and with my sudden revelation last week about creating a more creative space I thought, why not? So I did. This is how they turned out. I’m kind of in love with it. Because sometimes to make sense of anything at all, you have to hang twinkle lights.

Twinkle Lights

Weekend Wrap Up: Farmers Market


Sunday morning and rain is NOT falling in beautiful Los Angeles. We’ve been having some amazing 80 degree weather lately and I am all about it. This weekend I tried to be outside as much as possible to soak up some much needed UV rays.

This weekend I have written my new post for Love Twenty that will go up sometime this week, had lunch with one of my best friends, watched multiple episodes of The Office (currently in the middle of season 3) and am so excited to get my morning coffee and walk over to the Studio City farmers market on this glorious Sunday.

I just really love Sundays okay?

Hope yours is as lovely as this California sunshine. (That was lame but I don’t care because it’s Sunday.)

Here’s this video. Because it’s Sunday and it makes me so happy. Hey Hugh, just wanted to let you know I dance like that to the “I’ll take you down” part too.