Grocery Playlist


Fact: I really enjoy grocery shopping. A lot.

I’m not quite sure why, but I find grocery shopping to be a very relaxing thing to do on my days off. Unlike some people who can breeze in and out of a store in 10 minutes, my grocery store trips take a minimum of 1 hour (on a good day).  Why you ask? Because I go down every.single.aisle. even if I don’t need anything from that aisle. I just like looking at everything and pondering why someone might need diced canned beets or what strange item they have on the end caps at a huge discount (this week it was an overflow of turkeys. Pass.)

The other part of my grocery store adventure occurs after I get home. I set all of my bags on my kitchen floor, sit down, and rearrange everything to accommodate my new purchases. But before the sitting happens, I have to make sure I have a good playlist going so I can sing along while I put away my groceries.

Reading that back I realize that makes me sound like I might end up a crazy cat lady by the time I’m 32. Whatever. It is what it is.

Below is my Spotify “Just putting my groceries away” playlist. I prefer to be literal with my playlists and title them exactly for what they will be used for. But remember kids, Spotify can be seen by everyone on your Facebook now too. So if you’re going to listen to Mandy Moore or the Jonas Brothers make sure you set a private session. Or don’t and embrace it. I would choose the latter.

My favorites off of my grocery playlist right now are Andy Grammer’s “Miss Me” which I have been hearing all over Sirius XM and LOVING, Tristan Prettyman’s “My Oh My” which I’ve been drooling over for quite while now and Christina Aguilera’s “Let There Be Love” which is quite fun to jump around and dance to with asparagus in your hand acting as a microphone.

Just for kicks, my favorite places to grocery shop are Trader Joes and Fresh & Easy. The giant chain stores are too expensive and Whole Foods is way too full of hipsters buying their sugarless, organic tortillas. Gross.



Domestic Girl 101: Homemade Granola Bars


I’m slowly challenging myself to become a better cook. It’s a slow and tedious process that wears on my patience but I’m getting better. Or my friends are just lying to me.

Last week I decided to try and make homemade granola bars. Any type of breakfast, protein or granola bar are usually my go to when my blood sugar level gets a little too low. No one likes to play the “get Sarah some sugar before she passes out in a public space” game. I found a recipe on and edited it a bit to my own liking (also because I couldn’t find/figure out what the hell “wheat germ” was).

Total cost: around $7. I already had a few of the ingredients at my apartment (shocking) and bought the oats, sunflower seeds, etc at Whole Foods in the bulk grains section. Side note: don’t roll your ankle on all of the little seeds on the floor in that section. I almost fell on my face a few times. The hipsters snickered at me.

Result: enough granola bars/chunks to last me about 2 weeks. Perfect for the Poor College Kid (PCK).

Recommendations/Edits to said Granola bars/recipe

1. I took out wheat germ and replaced it with flax seed. Also added about a cup full of extra almonds and a cup of dried cranberries because they are delicious. (Add the cranberries when combining liquid mixture with oats mixture after toasting).

2. Don’t start making the liquid mixture until the oats/seeds are almost done toasting in the oven. My liquid concoction started caramelizing because I started it too early and I had to hold my pan outside my balcony to cool it off. “Hi neighbors and moms with strollers walking down the street.”

3. Don’t cook the final granola mixture for the full 25 minutes. I would say about 15-20 and check on it. I almost hit 22 minutes and mine was already a little crispy. Still good, but crispy.

4. I don’t have a lot of patience when cutting things so my end result bars are more like one bar and a bunch of hunks of granola. They are still delicious and I don’t care, but if you are OCD or maybe giving them as a gift to snooty in-laws you need to impress, take your time when cutting them up.

5. I didn’t think of this until after I was done, but I definitely should have added chocolate chips. Because chocolate always makes things 10x better.