Hiiiiiiiiii Let’s Have Some Word Vomit For Dinner


That title is disgusting but I am sitting here chuckling to myself thinking I am the most clever girl on the planet so I am leaving it and no one can make me change my mind.

I wanted to do a little update on here since I’ve been missing my daily word vomit and I needed a little break from the chaos of holiday season. I currently have eighteen mugs baking in my oven for Etsy orders (just call me Santa) and have Melody Gardot playing through the speakers. I have also just finished a hair mask, face mask and taken the most glorious bath with two Lush products (including this one) so pampering is at an all time high.

These past few weeks have been a flurry of activity. Holiday season is my favorite time of the year with all the sweets and love and gift giving (my FAVORITE thing) so I have been in quite the tizzy (I also like to pretend I’m British around the holidays – probably a side effect of too much Love Actually.) I am in the midst of finding the perfect gifts for friends and family so you can bet my Google Doc is in full force with links and prices and shipping deadlines. I take this very seriously, it’s kind of like my own personal Olympics.

The week of Thanksgiving was probably one of the best weeks of my life. Enter the list of incredible things that happened.

  1. I was able to go home and be with my family for seven days which is amazing in itself.
  2. I went to see Fleetwood Mac aka STEVIE GODDESS NICKS with my Dad and it was a moment in time I will never forget.
  3. My parents found not one, but TWO of their old Polaroid cameras from the 70s and 80s. (Enter kid in a candy store sound here.)
  4. Not only did I see Fleetwood Mac in Northern California – I flew back to LA on Saturday afternoon and saw them for a SECOND TIME IN ONE WEEK at The Forum. They were just as amazing and magical and wonderful as the first time.
  5. I now own two new Fleetwood Mac t-shirts and I will cherish them forever.
  6. Side effect of seeing my favorite band of all time twice in one week was being able to dress in full gypsy attire twice in one week and feel incredible and twirl as many times as my heart desired. Very Stevie inspired.
  7. FAMILY CHRISTMAS TREE WAS PROCURED. Thirteen in a half feet is the official tally.

So that was my Thanksgiving break. I could write paragraphs upon paragraphs about my love for Fleetwood Mac and then I could also write an enormous spin-off series just on Stevie Nick’s beautiful shawls and twirling ability but I will save that chapter for the inspiration section in my autobiography that I will write in a few years.

To keep my little brain happy I am currently reading two books. The first is The Paris Wife and it is a fictional account of the love story that is Hadley and Ernest Hemingway. The second is a short book of poems titled Love and Misadventure that is quickly becoming one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. The way the author writes is so whimsical and charming that I find myself rereading the poems over and over again in the same sitting.

Until Christmas I will be doing fun things like making peppermint bark, making mugs, wrapping presents, making mugs, writing cards, making mugs, baking cookies, and did I mention making mugs? Because I do that at least four times a week.

I sign off with one of my favorite lines so far in The Paris Wife because it is so simple and so beautiful. Headed to Santa Monica to do some shopping the rest of the weekend. Happy Holidays and gift giving and love sharing to all.

I’ll write to you, he mouthed. Or maybe it was I’ll write you.

PS here are some recent snaps brought to you from my iPhone and Polaroid.

Polaroid camera

Turkey polaroid

Hair Cut 11/14

Clean polaroid


I Haven’t Word Vomited In A While


I haven’t word vomiited in quite a while. You know, just like bleeeeeeeeeeh all over the page. For the most part, my posts have been short little updates since I usually write them in the mornings as a part of my getting ready for work routine and I think I’m going to change that. My challenge for 2013 was to post every day and I did it. I think I’m going to slightly change that for 2014. I’m still going to try to post every day but if I don’t feel particularly inspired or I feel like the post is going to be just “blah” then I’m not going to do it. Quality over quantity right?

Back to word vomiting. I started reading a new book earlier this week called The Art of Fielding. The plot loosely revolves around baseball (one of my favorite things) and got me thinking about my own past. I played softball for 10 years – an entire decade of my life. The thing I miss most about the sport isn’t even the sport itself, but the adrenaline rush I used to get when the game started. I liked not knowing what was going to happen throughout the game, but at the same time having confidence in my own ability to have control over the situation. Being a pitcher, I liked being the one who held the ball and knew that nothing was going to be set into motion until I said “go” and threw it. That adrenaline rush is what I crave again. The fire in the pit of your stomach that gets you excited and ready to run.

I need to find something like that again or I think I might just go legitimately insane. Everyone needs a period of their life to have a cool down after they’ve gone through something extreme whether it be a job or school or any other type of experience. That cool down is essential for a human being to come back to who they are and rediscover what they want. The past 10 months or so have been my cool down time. A time for me to reassess what I want, who I want to be and where I want to go. Only problem now is I’m getting a bit restless in trying to figure out my next steps.

Maybe it’s more painting, maybe it’s more writing, maybe it’s more reading, maybe it’s running away, maybe it’s staying exactly where I am, maybe I don’t know anymore. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling more 22 than ever these days. Happy, free, confused, lonely (but not really because I have a solid and stable group of friends around me) and also restless, loud, overly analytical and impulsive.


Your beginning

Word Vomit: I’m Going Home


So today I drive back home for winter break. For those of you who read this, I am probably already on the road. The loooooooong road that is I-5. Tumbleweeds galore.

As I drive the 300 miles home I listen to mixed CD’s (mostly country. Blame my hick town roots.) and ponder what I have accomplished in the past 3 and a half years. It seems like only yesterday I was making my first drive home from Orange County to Hollister and now here I am making what will probably be my 37th trip back home.

This is the first time I’ll be driving home and not have a distinct reason to come back at a certain time.  Weird but comforting at the same time.

I’ll be taking the next few days to look back on what my life has been the past few years.